Food And Nutrition Policy In Ethiopia

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Examples: Adolescent, preconception and negotiate health department nutrition; maternal dietary or micronutrient supplementation and responsive feeding practices and stimulation; dietary supplementation; diversification and micronutrient supplementation or fortification for children; treatment of minor acute malnutrition; disease prevention and management; nutrition in emergencies.

15 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Food And Nutrition Policy In Ethiopia

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Translating and safeguarding these policy achievements into results on saturated ground requires nutrition advocacy to be pursued across administrative levels and throughout the policy cycle.

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This shouldnot imply to some donors do that have either own strategyor focus or priority areas, which otherwise not usually align fully with the government FNS strategy. Amare ZY, Ahmed ME, Mehari AB.
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Support horizontal and vertical coordination between federal, zonal, district and kebele institutions, and within ministries; engage districts and kebeles and ensure messages reach lower levels.
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